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Importance of a blog?

Posted on | June 2, 2013 | No Comments

How important is your blog to a job interview? Can a good blog get you a job with the prospective employer? In fact, do employers even review a blog of a job seeker during interview cycle? That’s a million dollar question.

So we put up this question to potential high ranking employers from across different fields and asked them the relevance of a blog to recruitment.

Take our Quick Survey:

How much caffeine do we drink?

Posted on | April 13, 2013 | No Comments

coffee beansIt is no secret that a modern professional worldwide is addicted to caffeine. We take more of it every day in the form of Tea, Coffee, Energy drinks and even Soft drinks. We can’t seem to miss a day without drinking our favorite cup of Starbucks and not being irritable. And what’s more, we seem to get more done if we have our daily doze of caffeine. Companies, as a result, routinely offer caffeinated products in their in house cafe’s (or corner coffee machines) which we eagerly gulp down as our birth right.

These products are usually marketed as a great way to boost our energy levels and help keep us stay focused on our daily mundane tasks. That might be really true in certain circumstances like when we pull an all nighter to meet a tight deadline. And yes, it does help in keeping us awake at work when we have had sleepless night.
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Let jobs find you: Tag your skills!

Posted on | September 22, 2009 | 1 Comment

Good news about the economy! August saw the largest increase in job postings across the Personforce Network of job sites. That means that companies are starting to hire again!

About 2,500 companies are actively looking for talent on the Personforce Network. If you want to network with these companies, we have one piece of advice for you:

Tag Your Skills!

Right now, employers are looking for the following skills: sales, business development, software engineer, community manager, and more.

Do you have these skills? If so, please create a skills profile on Personforce and let these companies search for you. Just follow the link below:

Tag Your Skills Now »

Personforce Mobile Jobs Platform

Posted on | July 15, 2009 | 2 Comments

We’re pleased to announce the Personforce Mobile Jobs Platform.

Personforce can now help any job site or employer turn their career website into an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry app. Introducing the Personforce Mobile Jobs Platform:

Step 1: Take your existing website.
Step 2: Add Personforce
Step 3: Have a mobile jobs application ready for the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry 90% faster than building it yourself.

To showcase our platform. We’ve create the free iPhone app “High Paying Jobs” with our partners Next Mobile Web.

Download it here on iTunes.

You probably already have your own job board, company career site, or applicant tracking system. Personforce takes your existing website and turns it into a mobile application. You can then decide to make it a free application or charge users to download it.

Personforce is guaranteed to be the fastest and most cost-effective way to bring a job app to the market. Since we start with your existing career site, there is no need to reinvent the wheel and build your mobile application from scratch. Whether you want an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry app or just a mobile friendly website, Personforce can help.

For more information or a quote, please contact us at

About Personforce
Personforce provides on demand job site and classified ad solutions for premier sites like TechCrunch, Business Insider, VentureBeat, paidContent, Stanford Daily, Harvard Crimson and many more. We and our partner Next Mobile Web are pioneers in helping employers and job sites turn their career websites into iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry apps.

Affiliate marketing jobs through the Affiliate Summit Job Board

Posted on | June 16, 2009 | 2 Comments

Affiliate marketing jobs have come to Personforce! Affiliate marketing is a pretty fast growing part of the online economy. Advertisers like it because they pay for performance. Publishers like it because they can promote cool products and make money.

We’ve recently partnered with the Affiliate Summit to power a job board dedicated to affiliate marketing jobs.  Already,  companies like InfoMedia, Options University, and ClickBooth are hiring.

So checkout the Affiliate Summit Job Board and apply for affiliate marketing jobs today!

5 mediocre ways to find a job using Twitter

Posted on | May 7, 2009 | No Comments

Are people searching for jobs using Twitter? At Personforce we have no idea, but it seems like an interesting idea. We recently made a feed of jobs posted across our network available on Twitter.  Follow Personforce on Twitter to see the latest jobs right in your feed.

There are a variety of ways you can use Twitter to aid your job search. Some of them aren’t actually that useful (yet) and are kind of mediocre (right now), but you never know how important they will become someday. So here is our list of 5 mediocre ways to find a job using Twitter:

1. Follow your favorite job sites on Twitter. Many of them publish a feed of featured listings.

2. Track the hashtag #jobs using Twitter search. Most job listings are tagged, so you can see what jobs people post to Twitter using Twitter Search. Frankly the volume of postings is so high it’s hard to make sense of the results.

3. Follow the companies you’re interested in working for on Twitter. Follow some of the interesting people who work at those companies.

4. Write a professional description of yourself and tag the post #resume

5.  Try using Twitter job search engines to browse through the job postings on Twitter.

Right now, I don’t think too many of these strategies are producing high dividends for job seekers (it’s probably easier to lose your job using Twitter than finding one right now). But hey, in a couple of years this might be an more important channel for finding jobs.

Search for jobs by tag

Posted on | May 5, 2009 | No Comments

Greetings! A small UI change to report on. We recently updated our job posting process so employers need to tag the jobs they post on our network. We hope this will make it easier for you to browse and find similar jobs.

In the last week, employers have created over a thousand unique tags. You can browse through them all at:

We like to think of each tag page as a little “mini job board” that aggregates the postings from around our network.  Some popular tag pages are for our Engineer Job Board, Intern Job Board, Developer Job Board, Software Job Board, Software Engineer Job Board, Advertising Job Board, PHP Job Board, and HTML Job Board.

You can continue to search all the jobs on our network at:

Hopefully this makes it easier to search for similar jobs! Happy job hunting.

Have a recession beard? Try a new job!

Posted on | March 26, 2009 | 1 Comment

The New York Times has a fascinating item about recession beards, noting that an emerging trend is men growing beards as a byproduct of the current financial crisis and recession. After all, if you just lost your job, what’s the point in shaving?

For those of you looking to shave the recession beard, try searching for jobs on Personforce. There you can find amazing jobs that are posted across our network.

Just this week we have jobs from:

Senior Technologist at Frog Design

Software Developer at Hulu

Web Sales Manager at Green Mountain Energy

Market Research Assistant at the University of Washington

And many more jobs and internships. Check them out, find a job, and shave that beard!

Penn State Job Board

Posted on | March 3, 2009 | No Comments

Around the Personforce publisher network, there are a few cool job boards that launched this week.  We’d like to call out one in particular in the post:

The college newspaper at Penn State, The Daily Collegian, recently kicked off a Penn State Job Board. It’s a site where Penn State students, alumni, and community members can find local and national jobs.  The Daily Collegian joins most of the other top college newspapers in the country in joining the Personforce network of college newspapers.


Companies advertising on the Personforce network

Posted on | February 27, 2009 | No Comments

As part of our classified advertising platform, some pretty cool service providers have been posting across sites in our network.  A few of the recent advertisers include:

aBetterOffice helps connect startups and companies with office space.

jobscout is a email digest of jobs in NYC.

NBCUXD provides user design and interaction consulting services.

PeopleOps providers career consulting services.

Viscus Infotech providers outsourced web development services.

Check them out if you’re in the market for these services!

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